Dr. Jeff Geschwind to be Lecturer at ECIO 2021

Northbrook, IL, April 2, 2021—Jeff Geschwind, MD, Director, USA Oncology Centers, will be a presenter at this year’s European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO). The conference will be held virtually April 10 to 13, with over 1450 delegates expected to attend. The conference gives medical professionals the opportunity to learn about the latest technological advances and therapies in the growing field of interventional oncology.

Dr. Geschwind will present a lecture in a Clinical Focus Session entitled “Artificial intelligence (AI) in Interventional Oncology: Response Prediction and Virtual Tumor Board Assistant.”  The lecture will review the basic concepts of machine and deep learning and their roles in oncology; highlight the use of AI in identifying prognostic biomarkers for interventional oncology; and demonstrate the value of virtual tumor boards in personalized cancer care. Dr. Geschwind will be joined by thought leaders in interventional oncology from around the world.

“I am very proud to be part of this exciting ECIO conference and session on AI in interventional oncology.  As the director of USA Oncology Centers, I feel that it is critically important to understand the growing role and impact of AI in the care of cancer patients.  We can honestly say that AI has already become indispensable in our quest for personalized medicine,” Dr. Geschwind said.

Julius Chapiro, MD, PhD, an Assistant Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, Yale University School of Medicine, echoes Dr. Geschwind’s sentiments as a presenter at the same ECIO session. “Artificial intelligence in interventional oncology is a rapidly growing field of interest for all of us involved in image-guided therapy for cancer patients,” Chapiro said. “I look forward to a stimulating and fun conversation with key opinion leaders in the field such as Brad Wood, Gigi Solbiati and particularly Jeff Geschwind, who helped generate the seminal ideas half a decade ago for what has now become a booming field of exploration.”

Dr. Geschwind brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with other medical professionals attending the conference. He is considered a pioneer and founding father of the new field of interventional oncology. He served as the first President of the newly formed Society of Interventional Oncology.  In addition to his work at USA Oncology Centers, he is a consultant for Cage Pharma, a company he founded in 2009, focused on developing cancer drugs targeting tumor metabolism, specifically glycolysis. Dr. Geschwind also serves as a scientific consultant for Philips Healthcare, advising them on all matters related to oncology and image-guided therapy.

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