About USA Oncology Centers

USA Oncology Centers is part of the USA Clinics Group, a national leader in outpatient care including USA Vein Clinics, USA Vascular Centers, and USA Fibroid Centers. We employ world-class physicians in all of our centers across the United States.

Interventional Oncology has become recognized as a pillar of cancer care along with medical, surgical and radiation oncology. We specialize in innovative treatment methods for primary and secondary liver cancer.

Our goal is:

  • to improve our patients’ quality of life by integrating minimally invasive treatments for primary and secondary liver cancer
  • that precisely targets the cancer and offers successful outcomes
  • with less recovery time so patients can go home the same day

Our Background

At USA Oncology Centers, we intend to focus on patient needs, the ideal set forward by our founders, Dr. Flora and Dr. Yan Katsnelson.

In the United States, over 33,000 people are diagnosed with liver cancer. Unfortunately, thousands of those people don’t have access to high-quality, Interventional Oncology care. Our founders, as well as our physicians, are passionate about offering the best in cancer care.

Dr. Flora and Dr. Yan Katsnelson realized that many people diagnosed with liver cancer did not have access to the latest treatments for primary and secondary liver cancer. This realization influenced them to found USA Oncology Centers to raise awareness about new, innovative treatment procedures such as Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT).

Today, USA Oncology Centers work hard to provide a personalized experience for all patients. We want you to have everything you need to make the best health care decisions. This is why our specialists will meet with you to answer questions, discuss options, and create a specialized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. When we help patients make informed decisions regarding their health, we’re fulfilling our organization’s goals.

When you come to us for treatment, we’ll make your care and comfort our top priorities. Our interventional oncologists emphasize making your care plan as transparent as possible.

Helping Patients Find Hope

Our team of interventional oncologists shares the same mission in providing convenient access for people who are undergoing liver cancer treatment. At USA Oncology Centers, we’re dedicated to helping patients like you discover hope for a healthier life.

If you’re ready to seek quality, outpatient treatment for liver cancer, reach out to us to see how we can help.

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You’re in Good Hands

Interventional radiologists at USA Oncology Centers are reputable, reliable, and come highly recommended. Explore our doctors, as well as their credentials and specialties, to find out why we are the Liver Cancer Treatment Specialists.

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We believe that the patient-doctor relationship is at the core of medicine. We’re here to help you through your cancer journey - emotionally, physically and financially.

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