What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the ability to deliver healthcare services remotely. One of our physicians or health team members sees and speaks to a patient in another location. Telemedicine allows us to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance through a phone/video chat.

Although telemedicine seems new, it started decades ago.  It was used mostly to bring healthcare services to rural or remote areas where specialists weren’t readily available. It also enabled individuals to reach out for help during times of natural disaster, while also keeping the providers safe when working with patients.

With recent advancements in technology, you now can connect with one of our Oncology specialists from the convenience of your home. Many health providers have turned towards telemedicine solutions to provide more accessible medical care. This is not only convenient but also helps protect you and our medical staff from illness.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Our telemedicine services offer a range of benefits, including:

Convenience and Safety: Telemedicine can save you time and travel to an appointment and then spending time in a waiting room to talk with your doctor. It can help eliminate the need to take time off work for appointments or having to pay and arrange for child or elder care for each appointment. Telemedicine can help you stay safe while connecting with an established practitioner and limit your exposure to COVID-19.

Expanded Access to Medical Care: Patients have expanded access to clinical specialists making it easier to discuss symptoms, health issues and coordinate treatment with medical professionals. This is particularly helpful if you are home-bound, or if you lack reliable transportation. Another benefit is that telemedicine services can give you better access to far-away specialists.

Improved Quality of Care and Privacy: Telemedicine enables our doctors to observe your symptoms in the privacy of your home and decide when treatment is necessary. Depending on your condition, they may recommend you come into the office for an immediate procedure.

Better Patient Engagement: When you are more engaged in your own healthcare, you’re more likely to follow through on medical recommendations. Telemedicine allows you another way to stay in touch with your specialist, so you can stay focused on your overall health.

Affordable Care from Professionals: Our telemedicine services are conducted by our various licensed physicians and specialists. These services are covered by most insurance plans including Medicare. If you want to verify your insurance coverage before you schedule an appointment, just give us a call at 855.870.4747.

Services Available Through Telemedicine

At USA Oncology Centers, we offer the following services through telemedicine:

During an initial consultation, one of our medical team will ask you questions about your medical history and observe any symptoms you are experiencing. Then, depending on the state of your condition, they will evaluate the best treatment options and a timeline for care. These initial consults through telemedicine are meant to replace a physical trip to a clinic.

Oncology symptom management appointments mean you can virtually meet with one of our specialists about any of your cancer concerns. You can ask questions and get expert tips on how to manage your symptoms or what to expect from treatment.

If you have already received treatment from us and want to avoid coming into the clinic for a check-up, telemedicine may be a good solution for you. We also offer follow-up appointments online, meaning you can discuss your progress since treatment with a certified specialist, from the convenience of your home.

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We truly believe that telemedicine will significantly expand and continue to become an essential service in all areas of healthcare. At USA Oncology Centers, we encourage you to give telemedicine a try and schedule a convenient virtual appointment with one of our top-rated Oncology specialists.

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