Our Mission

At USA Oncology Centers, our patients always come first. We believe you deserve a trusted and compassionate partner on your treatment journey. Our medical team is dedicated to improving our patients’ quality of life through safe and effective methods.

We believe putting our patients first is more than just providing excellent care — it means being able to provide the level of customer service we would want to experience. Being able to deliver empathetic care from your initial consultation to after recovery is what USA Oncology Centers is all about. We understand that treatment decisions can be overwhelming; that’s why, we focus on creating a relaxing, clean, and comforting environment for everyone we see.

Our Vision

USA Oncology Centers strives to position our team as a national leader in outpatient primary and secondary liver care. We want to truly make a difference in the lives of the people we treat, which is why we always provide our patients with advice and future steps they can take to maintain their health. By delivering high-quality, compassionate care, we are able to transform and enrich the lives of our patients.

Our founders, Dr. Yan and Dr. Flora Katsnelson, seek out physicians with the same vision as them: a passion for helping as many people as they can live healthier, happier lives. Each and every one of our physicians are motivated to be the best in their industry and utilize innovative treatment methods. By being focused on the same vision, USA Oncology Centers is able to implement remarkable care.

Our Commitment to Care

We care about our patients.

Our goal is to create a positive experience that provides reassurance and results for our patients. We aim to exceed our patients’ expectations with respect and sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and their families. We work with our patients every step of the way to ensure their priorities are ours as well.

We care about our team.

Our commitment to succeed is met through the quality and integrity of our people. Our diverse medical professionals and team members strive to make our practice a place our patients want to be treated. It is through their experience, dedication, and compassion that we are able to deliver quality care for our patients.

By continuously taking the initiative to discover and implement new innovative solutions, we give our patients a sense of security in knowing they are in capable hands.

We care about our communities.

We are committed to the people and organizations that make up our surrounding communities. We do so by utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and employing qualified team members, who are able to connect to our patients’ wishes. Our mission is always focused on helping as many people as we can; that’s why, we are continuously expanding our centers to reach even more patients in need.

We are proud to provide comprehensive health education to help people better understand and make the best choices about available treatment options. At USA Oncology Centers, we believe that informed patients are the best patients.

Giving Back

We are grateful for the resources we have; therefore, we show our commitment to our communities and other causes we care about by giving back. Some of the organizations and projects we support include:

  • International Beethoven Project
  • Save a Child’s Heart
  • Jewish United Fund
  • American Association of Thoracic Surgery Graham Foundation
  • American College of Phlebology
  • “Nebesna Sotnia” Ukrainian Heroes Monument
  • Children of Sderot
  • WWII Veterans Organization

We’re here for you

We believe that the patient-doctor relationship is at the core of medicine. We’re here to help you through your cancer journey - emotionally, physically and financially.

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