USA Oncology Centers Opens with Innovative Therapies to Treat Liver Cancer

New outpatient clinic in New York delivers improved patient experience and better treatment outcomes

Northbrook, IL, December 9, 2020—USA Oncology Centers, the newest division of USA Clinics Group, announced today it has been granted a radioactive materials license to offer targeted internal radiation to treat patients with metastatic liver cancer. The new state-of-the-art outpatient clinic will welcome patients beginning Monday, December 14 at 162-03, Ste. 200, Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica, New York.

“Every aspect of our new oncology center has been designed with the patient’s overall cancer care in mind to provide the best clinical outcomes and patient experience,” said Founder and CEO, USA Clinics Group, Yan Katsnelson, M.D. “We will be able to offer the most advanced minimally invasive procedures to treat liver cancer in state-of-the-art outpatient centers under the direction of a world-class team.”

The American Liver Foundation reports that about 21,000 Americans are diagnosed with primary liver cancer every year, making it one of the only cancers that is on the rise in the United States.

USA Oncology Centers will offer Yttrium-90 radioembolization, also called Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy. This innovative therapy delivers targeted internal radiation under image guidance. Radioembolization is very similar to chemoembolization but uses radioactive microspheres instead of chemotherapy drugs. This type of interventional oncology therapy is used to treat both primary and metastatic liver tumors, generally improving the patient’s quality of life with minimal side effects from the treatment.

“Receiving the radioactive materials license in New York is a tremendous accomplishment and the result of a team effort,” said Jeff Geschwind, M.D., Director of USA Oncology Centers. “Our patients will now be able to undergo treatment that they would not otherwise be able to receive in the very safe environment of office-based labs.”

As part of a patient’s multidisciplinary team, USA Oncology’s skilled interventional radiologists will work together with the patients’ cancer team to integrate minimally invasive therapies using imaging guidance into the patients’ treatment plan. These recently developed precision treatments for patients with either primary or metastatic liver cancer offer the promise of getting the tumor under control and a better quality of life. Patients who are not eligible for surgery are ideal candidates to pursue interventional oncology therapy.

“Interventional oncology that offers targeted therapies are now showing more promise than ever before for patients with advanced liver cancer,” Katsnelson said. “At USA Oncology Centers, we’re dedicated to helping patients discover hope for a healthier life.”

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USA Oncology Centers specializes in offering advanced innovative treatments for primary and secondary liver cancer. We offer a holistic approach to treating cancer with minimally invasive procedures that effectively target tumors, require no hospitalization and improve patients’ quality of life. USA Oncology Centers is part of the USA Clinics Group, a national leader in outpatient care that has grown to include four specialties: USA Vein Clinics, USA Fibroid Centers, USA Vascular Centers and USA Oncology Centers.

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